Phillip Todd Mendenhall, 47, of Yale, was charged in Payne County District Court on May 24 on a charge of intimidation of a witness. Court records show Mendenhall had been charged on March 21 on a misdemeanor charge of petit larceny.

The misdemeanor case alleges Mendenhall stole a Beretta 32 Tomcat pistol from a woman and pawned it. After receiving a letter in the mail to appear in court, Mendenhall wen to the woman saying she should drop the charges on him, an affidavit states. Mendenhall used his emotional and physical demeanor to try to get the woman to drop the charges.

The woman told one witness “just don’t let him kill me,” the affidavit states. The woman said Mendenhall had come to her house twice since he received the letter to appear in court. The first time he came into the home and tossed the letter at her and saying everyone was ganging up on him. The second time he asked her to drop the charges to make it all go away. The affidavit states the man even offered to buy her a new gun, but she wondered how he was going to do so since he couldn’t afford to move out of the house because he didn’t have a job.

She told officers that Mendenhall has a temper and she never knew when he was going to get angry. She said she saw him get violent on a number of occasions.

Another woman who had witnessed the woman’s emotional state after instances with Mendenhall. She said the woman was seen crying several times due to the way Mendenhall had treated her.

Intimidating a witness is punishable by no less than one year or no more than 10 years and a fine of up to $10,000. Mendenhall appeared in court on May 29, and he is to not have contact with the victim. The case will return to court on July 3.

Perkins woman charged with financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult

Karen Kay Bair, 64, of Perkins, was charged on May 31 with financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult, according to court records. An adult protective services worker told officers that she believed Bair was exploiting her mother, who is currently in a nursing home and unable to care for herself. Bair is her mother’s power of attorney, and during an investigation of her mother’s bank accounts, the service worker found out that more than $9,000 had been used by Bair without authorization. The services worker also said Bair had been using the money for personal reasons rather than paying for her mother’s expenses.

A warrant was issued for Bair on May 31. No arrests have been made.

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