According to court records, Roy Thomas Cannon, 58, has been charged with multiple felonies after stealing a vehicle and attempting to elude police.

According to a written affidavit, investigators from the Payne County Sheriff’s Office learned that on the evening of July 22, a 2017 Ford F350 and a 2003 commercial tractor were stolen from Big Creek Nursery and Landscape in Cushing.

PCSO was contacted on July 23 and the owner of the business said the vehicle and trailer had been stolen. The owner had an iPad where he was monitoring a GPS tracker on the truck. The truck was initially parked at a residence in Owasso before it began to move, getting onto Interstate 412 going west. Other jurisdictions were contacted to try and intercept the vehicle, which was located near a McDonald’s on 412 in Pawnee County by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and a Pawnee County deputy.

The affidavit reads that the truck then began to elude officers by going back eastbound on 412 before getting off the turnpike and onto SH-18 just north of Pawnee. It continued south, crossing into Payne County on Airport Road, before continuing south to SH-51 and then west bound on 51 for one mile before turning onto Council Valley Road. The deputy writes the vehicle then went north into a pasture at McElroy and Council Road, going northwest in the pasture coming out through the fence at Lakeview and Battleridge, right in front of a deputy.

The affidavit states that the deputy began chasing the truck, driven by Cannon, at speeds pushing 70 mph. The truck left the roadway, going around a road grader that was working. The road grader had to move out of the way for the deputy to pass it. The chase continued north on VFW where it turned east onto VFW and into Pawnee County, and continued for another two miles and then south on Hwy. 18. Cannon then turned west on County Road 580 that was a dead end near a residence. The truck then turned into a pasture where he rammed through a gate and a fence, where he was then blocked off by a creek. The deputy writes the truck then got stuck, and Cannon tried to run on foot. He would not comply with being told to stop running, before a deputy fired his taser at Cannon, causing him to give up.

While searching the truck, deputies found a .32 caliber semi-automatic pistol that did not belong to the owner of the truck. The affidavit says Cannon is a convicted felon who was sentenced to 168 months (14 years) in prison in 2001.

The owner of the land where the pursuit went through told law enforcement that there were eight places in the fence that were destroyed. The amount to repair the fences is estimated at more than $2,500. The trailer was also recovered in another county, and the truck, trailer and tools that were stolen are valued at more than $100,000.

Cannon was charged on Tuesday with possession of a stolen vehicle, possession of a firearm after a felony conviction, attempting to elude police and malicious injury to property, which are all felonies.

Possession of a stolen vehicle can carry a penalty of 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000; possession of a firearm after a felony conviction is punishable by two years to life in prison and a fine of up to $10,000; attempting to elude a police officer can carry a penalty by up to 10 years in prison and fine of up to $10,000 and malicious injury to property over $1,000 can be punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.

Stillwater man charged with domestic assault with a dangerous weapon

According to court records, Steven Paul Cook, 34, of Stillwater, was charged on Monday with domestic assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

According to a written affidavit, Stillwater Police Department officers met with a woman on Friday who was noticeably upset and looked like she had been crying. The officer writes there were scratches and bruising on her forearm and scratches and purplish bruises on her legs.

She said Steven Paul Cook frequently kicks in the front door and starts drinking as soon as he gets home from work. She said he had done that the day before and started throwing things at her. She said she had stayed with her mother the previous night, but returned to find out that the locks had been changed. Cook sent her a text message saying the locks had been changed because she didn’t live there any more, which the officer told her was not within his right to do, as she still had a right to be able to access the residence.

The woman told officers that on Wednesday night, Cook had thrown a beer bottle at her, and she had put her hand up to try to block it, but the bottle hit the back of her hand and the back of her head. Her hand was a dark purple color where the bottle had hit it. She also had a knot on the back left side of her head.

Another officer learned that the woman had a cut on her left shin that had come from Cook throwing a piece of siding at her. The woman also said that Cook sometimes strangles her and that she is isolated and controlled. She said she is not allowed to have a job or handle any money.

The affidavit reads that about this time, Cook came from around the side of the house and had started to yell at the woman in front of the officers and had to be escorted away. The officer writes that after seeing the woman’s injuries, he placed Cook under arrest. Cook was charged on Monday with domestic assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, a felony, which can carry a penalty by up to one year in county jail or 10 years in prison.

Stillwater man charged with assault, violating protective order

Court records indicate Curtis Lamont Hagler, 50, of Stillwater, was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and violation of a protective order on July 24.

According to a written affidavit, Cushing Police Department officers spoke with a man on July 18 who said his friend had been assaulted the previous night. Officers then went to speak with the victim, and the victim said he and his girlfriend were walking on Maple Street in Cushing late at night on July 17, when the woman’s ex-boyfriend, Curtis Hagler, approached them and started hitting the victim with a baseball bat. The man said Hagler had been harassing the two for the previous couple of days.

The victim had a cast on his right arm, a scrape on his head and was moving slowly. The victim was also wearing a bracelet on his wrist that showed he had been to Cushing Hospital. The man said he was diagnosed with a broken arm, broken ribs and a concussion. The man also handed the officer a piece of a broken bat and said it was part of the bat Hagler had used.

The officer found the protective order the woman filed against Hagler was in effect through March 26, 2020.

A warrant for the arrest of Hagler was issued on July 24. No arrests have been made in this case.

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