A Stillwater man, Douglas James Milam, 21, was charged Tuesday with one count of trafficking drugs and one count of possession of a controlled drug with intent to distribute.

According to a written affidavit, Stillwater Police Department officers conducting a field interview on Aug. 18 made contact with a male later identified as Milam. The officer writes that while speaking with Milam, he asked if he could take a hit from his vape and said the nicotine bottle was in the car. The officer was allowed into the car to search for the bottle, and when the officer opened the car door, the smell of fresh marijuana came from inside the vehicle.

The officer writes that after searching the vehicle, 273.5 ecstasy tables, four Focalin XR pills, 64 grams of marijuana, packaging material and working digital scales were found. Milam admitted to selling the marijuana to pay to fix his truck and said the Focalin XR was his but he did not have a prescription for it.

Milam appeared in Payne County District Court on Thursday and pleaded not guilty, and the matter is set to be continued on Sept. 3.

Stillwater man charged with running multiple road blocks, burglary

Tyler Chand Casey, 21, of Stillwater, received multiple felony charges on Tuesday following an incident on Aug. 17.

According to court records, Stillwater Police Department officers responded to the area of 1501 S. Main St. for a larceny report. When officers arrived at the scene, a silver SUV was seen parked on the east side of the street near a truck with its doors open. The vehicle began to pull away, and the officer switched his lights on with the suspicion that the driver had been breaking into vehicles.

The written affidavit reads that the vehicle began to gain speed north on Main Street. The driver proceeded to drive around five police roadblocks, driving on the sidewalk near one to avoid it.

The officer writes that speeds ranged from 60 mph in the downtown area to more than 100 mph on north Washington. The officer then learned from others in the pursuit that the vehicle had crashed and the suspect had fled on foot. There were no other suspects in the vehicle, and it appeared to have crossed the center median, jumped the west curb onto the right of way in front of another vehicle before hitting a large tree head on.

The officer then joined the search for the suspect, and a canine unit was requested for the search. While waiting for the canine unit, inventory of the vehicle was done. Police found a backpack located in the front seat with a wallet containing the ID for a woman who turned out to be the owner of the vehicle.

Another bag in the vehicle contained a library card with a signature on the back that appeared to read Tyler Casey, as well as several pictures inside the backpack of a white male in which one appeared to be Casey. The officer writes an email had been received about Casey hiding out in a hotel room with drugs and guns and about him carrying weapons and the picture resembled Casey’s features. Casey was later located and arrested.

According to court records, Casey was charged on Tuesday with one count of attempting to elude police, five counts of running a roadblock and one count of third-degree burglary.

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