Payne County Courthouse

Payne County Courthouse

A Stillwater woman is being charged with neglect of a 1-year-old child after it was alleged she failed to seek proper medical care for the child’s life-threatening brain injuries.

An arrest warrant was issued Monday for Cady Dawn Flowers, 29, with bond set at $20,000. The charge stems from an investigation into a May hospital visit. Payne County Sheriff deputies allege that 30 hours elapsed from when Flowers reported the baby had fallen off a couch from a standing height to the floor and the emergency room visit.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Flowers had texted her sister, telling her that the baby had fallen off the couch and sent her a photo that depicted a red line extending from just above the child’s left eye/temple to the left of the left eye.

According to the report, on May 9, the child was left with a friend watching over it several times throughout the day. The child was reported to have vomited several times, which the friend believed was caused by spoiled milk. According to the report, the friend told investigators he got ahold of Flowers and told her she needed to come home and take the child to the hospital, and that Flowers arrived home around 9 p.m.

From that point Flowers sent Facebook messages to several friends reading, “i need u,” “bad right now,” “can u make it over,” and two instances of “call me now,” “its all bad.”

According to the affidavit, just before 11 p.m. Flowers made a 4-minute, 11-second call to the Stillwater Medical Center. The report states that Flowers told authorities that someone at the ER told her the child’s “intestines were intertwined” and the child needed to be brought to the ER.

Flowers’ sister told investigators that Flowers had called her sometime after 9 p.m. to tell her the child vomited, and then FaceTimed with her sister, who had reported that during the FaceTime the child looked pale and advised Flowers to take the child to the ER if things got worse.

Phone logs the next morning showed Flowers calling Stillwater Family Care to report just after 8 a.m. that the child was really fussy, curls up from pain and cried all night. She was reported to have gotten into an ambulance with the child at around 11:18 a.m. on May 10.

The child was transferred from SMC to St. Francis in Tulsa, where level one trauma was activated for the arrival. A CT scan showed the presence of an epidural hematoma (accumulation of blood from a skull fracture) and midline shift of the brain. During surgery, according to the report, a blood clot was removed from the head and an artery was cauterized, with the child sedated, intubated and a drain put in place.

One doctor wrote, “there has been no trauma history from that night that explains (the child’s) injury. While short falls, such as the one reported, can cause epidural symptoms of space occupying session such as the epidural typical start within 6-12 hours. On exam (the child) has a healing contusion with a superficial abrasion on the left forehead which is similar to what is seen on a photograph reported to be taken after the fall. (The child) also has an abrasion on the left ear that has no known history. Based on (the child’s) age, injuries and history this is concerning for physical abuse.”

The affidavit for probable cause states that Flowers “willfully engaged in child neglect by failing to act by not seeking medical attention for (the child) when she was told numerous times by medical personnel and friends which resulted in the near death of (the child.)”