A bird has been trying to fly through a shut window. What’s really weird, besides the fact it keeps doing it over and over again, it’s happened each morning for the last two weeks at 8:40.

I assume it’s the same bird, it’s not like it has a name tag or anything, so I could be wrong, but after flying into the glass at least a dozen times, the feathered friend looks in at me like I’m supposed to do something. All I can I do is watch, and laugh, as the bird pounds itself silly.

Freaks of nature don’t necessarily have to have a meaning, although maybe they do and we’re just too tuned into our fast-paced lives to take notice. I’m not sure what kind of message the bird is trying to send, but it seems determined it can fly through a double-paned window.

It’s a reach, a really far reach, but I’ve wondered if this bird has the same sense of ESP I’m certain dogs had. When our dogs were still with us, I began each day with a walk around the 10 acres. When I’d just think about putting on my shoes, they’d start pacing, panting and nudging me as though to say, “don’t just sit there and think about it, let’s go.”

Even though the dogs no longer keep me company, I do still continue to walk, when I have time. If I walk around the acreage four times, it’s a mile. That’s more exercise than I’ve had at one time since my 20s. There have been times I’ve made it around four times, but three seems to be the limit before my calves feel like they’re burning through my jeans.

The cows on the pasture to the right stare me down like I’m interrupting their quiet time, while the horses on the left look confused since they’re used to only seeing me on the mower. The animals follow me up the fence line, watching and waiting for my next move. The birds are in full chorus in the mornings and probably are all day long, although I don’t seem to notice with telephones ringing or radio blaring.

Perhaps the bird at the window is encouraging me to come out again, or trying to show me even birds get confused about what’s really possible or what could stop you in your tracks. I have visions of walking myself into the skinny jeans, which have been in my closet for the past 15 years, and currently will only fit up to my thighs. It’s a big goal, but not any more than a bird thinking it can fly through a window.

Maybe the bird saw me eating a chocolate doughnut after my walk and is showing me that making the same mistake over and over again won’t give me new results.

I suppose birds of a feather really do flock together.

Sandy Turner writes about family and lives in the Midwest.

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