Boomer Lake search

Multiple agencies search Boomer Lake after an overturned kayak was seen Thursday evening. 

First responders from multiple agencies have suspended their search of Boomer Lake after a group of kayakers found an overturned kayak around dusk on Thursday. The owner of the kayak could not be found. 

The search will resume Friday morning. 

No one had been reported missing from the area. 

A witness told the News Press that they were kayaking and fishing with friends on the creek north of the lake near The Links apartments when they spotted the kayak. They said a lot of the gear, which included fishing gear, a backpack and other personal effects that looked new and of high quality, not the kind of things a person would leave behind. They also found a bucket with an unopened beer floating by the kayak.

The Stillwater Police Department and Stillwater Fire Department, which brought it's water rescue boat, responded to the scene along with Stillwater Emergency Management and Mediflight 5, a medical helicopter from Oklahoma City.

The first responders were using the helicopter to spotlight the area as they searched. They also deployed a drone with thermal imaging but found no heat signatures. They said this time of year, due to the heat, there might not be enough image contrast for the drone to be as useful as it normally would in that situation.

According to officials on scene, the OHP dive team will resume the search 8:30 a.m. Friday morning. Other units will also be on scene, with SEMA brining the drone back out and police ready to search the wooded areas near the lake on foot.

Both boat ramps were barricaded and boats will not be permitted on the lake while the search continues.

Update 9:15 a.m: The Oklahoma Highway Patrol dive team has begun its search. Four teams have responded.