For the kids: Stillwater SRO a resource to students

Provided. Jared Noles looks back on what he enjoys about being a school resource officer. 

Jared Noles is one of the school resource officers here in Stillwater who is helping keep kids in school safe.

Noles and his wife currently have eight kids, five of which they are fostering.

“We also assist in running the Stillwater Youth football Program which averages about 140 kids,” Noles said.

These decisions in his personal life are what led him to become a school resource officer.

Noles has been working as a school resource officer since August 2019.

“I’m currently assigned to the Stillwater Middle School and Sangre Elementary. I also cover Westwood when their SRO is gone,” Noles said.

Noles primary job is to work with school administrators and faculty to come up with a plan to make sure the school is a safe place to learn.

During this time of a pandemic and many uncertainties regarding the safety of school for students, Noles said his job has remained mostly the same.

“From the standpoint of school safety, it has not changed. What has changed is constantly getting to see the students,” Noles said. “You’re not able to learn about them or see that they are safe. It’s harder to identify potential welfare issues if you don’t get to see them consistently.”

The main conflict or challenge Noles faces at work is not being able to change certain circumstances in a kids life.

“Whether it’s a students’ home life or just bad decisions they’re making. Those are the kids I focus on most. In the training I’ve taken the negative behavior is usually a cry for help,” noles said.

Noles said he enjoys his job and the relationship he is building with his community.

“In law enforcement, it’s not everyday you get to hang out with kids in a positive environment. I get to hear their stories, answer questions about my job and be a resource for them when needed,” Noles said.

Now more than ever, Noles believes establishing trust with the kids and law enforcement is extremely important.

School resource officers provide a sense of safety to the schools they are assigned to.

More and more schools are seeing an increase in threats and violence at school.

Noles said it is also important to educate the children about internet safety and social media. “Being an immediate resource to staff and the students being comfortable to come to me when issues arise is crucial,” Noles said.

To Noles the faculty at Sangre Elementary treat each other like family and are always laughing and having fun together.

The diversity of the students is another thing Noles pointed out about what he enjoys about work.

“I gravitate toward the jokesters. I enjoy a good laugh,” Noles said.

Noles has embedded into the lives of children in all aspects of his life, from family to work.

“I enjoy the relationships that I have built not only in my personal life but also in my career and within the community that I serve and that I was raised,” Noles said.

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