Former DHS worker charged with forging evidence

Ashlynd Huffman/ Stillwater News Press. Stillwater Officer Josh Carson investigated a child welfare case.

Former Department of Human Services employee charged with two felonies in Payne County.

Chelsea Lynn Antonia Keig, 29, of Stillwater, was charged with two counts of offering forged or fraudulent evidence.

Stillwater Officer Josh Carson received a phone call Aug. 27 regarding a child welfare case.

Steffani Richards informed Carson she was assigned an investigation involving Keig’s child.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Payne County DHS received a referral Nov. 26 involving verbal and physical altercations between Keig and Ricky Holba.

These arguments allegedly occurred in the presence of a minor child.

Carson alleged in the affidavit the child was approached by welfare workers the same day and that the child said her parents often fight, throw things, hit walls and break windows.

“During the investigation, additional information was provided to child welfare workers involving allegations of methamphetamine abuse and continued physical altercations inside the home,” Carson wrote in the affidavit.

In January the child was contacted at school by the child welfare specialist. The child alleged the parents continued to fight. Police showed up to their house and the child said her father had a gash on his head after the last incident.

The affidavit said Keig was employed at Payne County DHS and since this was a conflict of interest Richards was assigned the case. Richards is employed at the Noble County DHS.

A safety meeting was held for the child and it was determined the child was unsafe in the care of either parent. The child was left in the care of a grandmother.

“It was recommended Chelsea and Ricky complete a substance abuse program, mental health evaluation and both complete all resulting recommendations of those assessments,” Carson alleged in the affidavit.

In the affidavit it said case workers could tell Keig was still abusing methamphetamine by her behavior and appearance.

Keig was ordered to complete drug testing through Oklahoma Court Services and the Payne County Drug Court.

According to the affidavit, Keig provided Richards three drug tests Aug. 17.

The dates of those tests were done on Aug. 7, Aug. 10 and Aug. 13. Richards spoke with Supervisor Stacey Reed at Oklahoma Court Services to verify the validity of the tests.

Redd informed Richards that Keig had not been to their facility since February. In February Keig alleged she had a clean urine test which was untrue.

Keig provided receipts to Richards for her visits to Oklahoma Court Services, they don’t provide receipts to clients therefore it was forged.

Aug. 27 Richards was provided a hair follicle drug test from Keig. She alleged it came from Payne County Drug Court and was done Aug. 19.

“Steffani noticed there was no signature at the bottom of the test and the test results seemed inconsistent from prior documentation she has received,” Carson alleged in the affidavit.

Richards confirmed the document was altered with Noel Bagwell the Director at Payne County Drug Court.

Keig resigned from DHS June 1 and is currently employed as a life coach with Creoks.

Bond was originally set at $5,000 but has been reduced to $2,000.

Keig will appear on the preliminary docket Nov. 2.

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