Former OSU professor found guilty of stalking

Hugh Crethar was found guilty Tuesday on two charges of stalking when he was a professor at OSU.

Hugh Crethar, 54, of Stillwater, was charged with stalking students in 2019, and relentlessly messaging them.

He entered into a “no contest plea” at the end of August.

The women who came forward were in Crethar’s class and or he was their adviser.

Two of the victims were present in court the day Crethar entered into a blind plea.

They both gave statements to the court, detailing their experiences with their professor.

Crethar had been described as "manipulative" by the victims.

They both suffered emotionally and physically from the stress of the situation Crethar put them in. 

Judge Michael Kulling found the professor guilty Tuesday, after taking some time to examine the evidence before him.

He was sentenced to two years in the Payne County Jail all that time suspended and ordered to pay fines. He will be on probation for six months and be required to check in with a probation officer.

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