Giant sticky notes voice citizens' opinions

Tanner Holubar/Stillwater News Press Giant sticky notes on an unoccupied downtown Stillwater building show ideas some citizens would like to see come to Main Street. They serve as a way for citizens to share their thoughts on what potential businesses would be good for downtown Stillwater. 

Anyone walking or driving down Main Street in Stillwater may have noticed big, green sheets of paper on the windows of buildings that currently don’t house businesses. These are giant sticky notes, on which people have written what kind of businesses they would like to see grace Stillwater’s downtown.

Kristen Hadley, a board member with the Downtown Stillwater Association, said the organization does not currently have a director, and a board member attended a director training course in Oklahoma City, where the idea was heard about what had worked in a small town’s downtown area to try to gauge people’s interest in potential business ideas.

“They’re all about main street programs … all the events and activities that you can do to make your main street better,” Hadley said. “One of the activities they said had been successful in other smaller towns was to take giant sticky notes and write what you want to see in there and go and stick it on the vacant buildings.”

Hadley said the initial plan for the sticky notes was to have them up for about a week, but that there is no timetable for them.

They began to be put up during Sunday’s Music on Main Street event, and the idea behind them is to get people thinking about ideas that may not have been put forth about potential downtown businesses.

“The goal is for somebody that either owns the building, or has a desire to own a business downtown or might already own a similar business either on the other side of town, in another town or even another state, to see what people might want to see,” Hadley said. “Everyone who walks downtown right now, it gets them thinking. So whether they’re in a position to open a business, or talk to somebody that could, or come up with more ideas and to just discuss it and talk about it.”

The sticky notes that are currently up along Main Street include: a mall, hotel, meat market/butcher shop, electronics store, yarn shop, ballet lessons, Cindy’s Pizza, a recording studio, fitness center, donut shop bakery and a virtual reality arcade.

Anyone who wants to grab a giant sticky note and place it on a building can get one at WorkIT Coworking Center at 901 S. Main St., so that more ideas can be thought of as to what businesses could potentially fill downtown’s currently unoccupied buildings.

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