In an installation ceremony that was rich in Indian pride and tradition, a new chairman was sworn in for the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma.

With many area business dignitaries and several members of other tribes present, Christie Modlin, 39, became the chairman of the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma, the youngest ever to serve at this capacity.

In an emotional welcoming speech, she promised to serve the members of the tribe to the best of her ability for the next two years. With tears in her eyes, she looked around the packed room and found her “biggest fan” of all, her mother.

“Thanks mom, for all the love and support you have given me,” said Modlin. “I love you.”

As the new chairperson, her duties include presiding at all meetings of the council and of the business committee; having general supervision of the affairs of the council and of the business committee and performing all duties pertaining to the office of chairperson.

Outgoing Chairman E. Bernadette Huber also became emotional as she handed the reins over to Modlin. She told the audience that growth of the tribe is imminent and good things will be found just over the horizon. She faithfully placed the trust of the Iowa Tribe in Modlin’s hands and told members that Modlin was very capable and would serve the tribe well.

In return for a job well done, Huber was presented with a plaque and a tribal Indian blanket, which was placed around her shoulders.

Other officials that were sworn in included Judith Shores, as treasurer, and Gary Platt, gaming commissioner.

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