Our oldest grandchild graduated from high school this spring.

Such times send me into a nostalgic mood, as I see in my mind’s eye that little baby who changed my life forever.

Watching her become an incredible young lady has been a joy that I can’t adequately describe. It is my hope that I will be able to watch her continue to grow and that I can be of help along the way.

She begins a new chapter in life this August as she begins her higher education. I have confidence she will do a great job.

These few lines don’t come close to all I’m feeling right now. You will understand, I’m sure.

You were the prettiest baby

That I had ever seen.

Because of you, I became a grandpa;

I had no idea what all that would mean.

Whenever you would smile at me,

My world would seem so bright,

And hearing your cute little baby laugh

Made everything just right.

I’ve had the privilege to watch you grow

Through life’s younger stages,

Watching you write your book of life,

With love on all the pages.

Now you’ve gained a milestone,

Another chapter done;

All previous chapters, just memories now,

A new chapter has begun.

Today I am so proud of you,

And who you have become;

As you contemplate the future,

Don’t forget where you’ve come from.

New doors are opening now for you

Into places that are new,

Places with new challenges,

As you choose what you will do.

Because of the person you’ve become,

I have great faith in you.

I wait with anticipation;

I know that you do, too.

You cannot know how I feel,

All that is in my heart.

What words can I say to you?

What gift can I impart?

Thank you for the way that you

Have shared your life with me.

Wherever you go, you take my love;

Now go, be all you can be.

John Pryor is a longtime Stillwater resident. He can be reached at p29jpryor@gmail.com.