The schedule for the evening includes a Boy Scout meeting for one child, a dance class for another, a PTA meeting for Mom and working late for Dad — and somewhere in the middle, dinner.

When families are rushed, they’ll often whiz through the drive-through window at a fast food restaurants, said Janice Hermann, Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension Service nutrition education specialist, which doesn’t have to mean extra fat and calories.

“While many of the menu choices are loaded with fat and calories, many fast food restaurants offer a variety of options that are lower in fat and calories,” she said.

First, order small portions. A super-sized meal, Hermann said, contains twice the fat and calories. She also suggests using mustard, as it has no fat. Mayonnaise contains 9 grams of fat per tablespoon.

Select items that are broiled, baked or grilled. On hamburgers, skip the cheese and high-fat sauces. Instead, load the burger with lettuce, tomato, onions and pickles.

A variety of salads can be found on many fast food restaurant menus, but stick with mixed greens and light dressing.

When it comes to beverages, stick with water or low-fat milk.

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