We received an e-mail from Mrs. Kiyomi Kojima in Kameoka a few days ago.

We’ve known Kiyomi for almost 20 years and have worked with her in different capacities over the years.

She was a member of the staff in the main office on the former OSU-K campus in the early 1990s and still works in that office as the office manager in the Kameoka Exchange Center.

Kiyomi was the leader of the citizen’s delegation that was here in late October.

In her e-mail she said the group that was here had recently gotten together for a time of socializing, sharing and remembering their time here.

They came together wearing their orange OSU sweat shirts. Each one shared with the other members of the group their memories of their time here then they watched a power point presentation about the trip.

This is very common and they will continue to do this semi-annually, or perhaps annually, for a number of years to help nurture their friendships and to keep alive their memories of the trip.

Kiyomi also said they hoped to see their friends from Stillwater again and a group of us hope to make that a reality in about a year.

Larry Jones is a member of the Stillwater Sister Cities Council.

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