Darrell Scott

Darrell Scott, a Grammy award winning musician, will headline the return of the Cimarron Breeze Concert Series on June 14. It will be the first concert held at the Old Church Center in Perkins in more than a year. 

For more than a year, many of the local music venues in the Stillwater area have been silent when they otherwise would have been hosting live concerts on a regular basis. But with the last few laps of the pandemic in front of us, many events are returning that will truly signal a return to a sense of normalcy. Monica Taylor, host of the Cimarron Breeze Concert Series, said the popular series held at the Oklahoma Territorial Plaza Old Church Center in Perkins has a return on the horizon. 

A show scheduled for June 14 featuring Grammy award winner Darrell Scott will be the first concert held at the venue in Perkins in more than a year. Taylor said she had to cancel all of those shows from last season, and described it as the “greatest season never heard.”

“I had to cancel all those wonderful shows that I had booked,” Taylor said. “But every one of them said they wanted to book back with us. It does take a lot of work and finagling to get artists, especially artists who are at a different tier.”

Taylor said not being able to host concerts in Perkins served as a sort of reminder of the impact that music has on people’s lives. 

“Everybody who volunteers is so looking forward to this,” Taylor said. “We have waited a long time for this. Somebody asked if we were going to be able to bring it back, and I said, ‘I believe so.’ I think the same people who enjoy the shows will continue to come. And sure enough, we’ve been selling tickets, and I’m looking forward to seeing all of those people walk through that door.”

With the unparalleled nature of scheduling a concert series during a pandemic, the process has been one of playing it by ear. Taylor said this is the only concert on the schedule until September, but that people have been clamoring for concerts to return to Oklahoma Territorial Plaza Old Church Center in Perkins.

“I think it’s very important to everybody’s psyche,” Taylor said. “It’s something that many people who do and don’t play music, look forward to it. It’s a release, and it’s a way to let your creative mind listen. Everybody I’ve talked to has been wondering when we were going to have the concerts again.”

Taylor said while the past year was tough not seeing people routinely coming to the Old Church Center, the time has been spent on some new projects. Taylor said she has been in the recording studio working on a pair of new projects slated to be released later this year. 

“We have also used this last whole year to record,” Taylor said. “I have a new solo album that will be coming out in the fall and a double album which will be a tribute to the roots of Red Dirt music and it has over 50 artists who are from Stillwater or maybe in Texas and different parts of the country, who are guests on the album. So we’ve made use of our time.”

The are still tickets available for the June 14 show, which can be purchased at cimarronbreeze.com. Taylor said she is comfortable hosting a crowd of 130, and a speaker will be placed outside the venue for those attendees who wish to stay more socially distanced. She said there is not a potluck dinner for this particular concert and the show is set to begin at 7 p.m.

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