Morgan Reynolds

Morgan Reynolds is pictured performing in the Stillwater Music Festival in 2019. Reynolds will perform a solo concert on Saturday at the Salty Bronc Saloon, which will be her first live performance in a few months. 

With the latest phase of Stillwater’s reopening a few weeks in, there are some signs of things returning to normal around town, albeit in a limited capacity. With Stillwater’s bars and restaurants now open again for public use, there comes the aspect of live music, which is one area of the state’s economy that was also hit hard by cancellations and things shutting down.

On Saturday, Morgan Reynolds will perform a solo concert at the Salty Bronc Saloon at 10 p.m. It will be the first live performance for Reynolds since things started to close in mid March. She had been performing concerts that were streamed online, but getting to be back in front of a live audience has been something she has looked forward to.

“Oh my God, it’s absolutely awesome,” she said. “Still have to be careful, but it will be so good to perform for real people right there. An actual live audience instead of across a camera screen. It’s going to feel really good and just make me really appreciate all of the venues I do get to perform in. It also just brings me a better appreciation for my craft.”

While ready and excited to get back to performing in front of an audience, Reynolds said the virtual concerts she performed turned out better than she could have hoped.

“The concerts were actually really good,” Reynolds said. “We did have kind of a decline in people watching as we got further into the quarantine. People got a little tired of it, I think, everything going virtual. But honestly, it went better than we expected, so that was really nice. And the people were so helpful, so giving, with their tips and stuff like that … it was awesome.”

Bars are currently operating in a limited capacity, which will be the case for the show at the Salty Bronc on Saturday. But with that being the case, there is no cover charge, though patrons must be at least 21.

Reynolds said she is still aware of the need to be careful and keep to distancing recommendations, but she said it will be hard to not embrace those she hasn’t seen in quite a while.

“There’s good and bad,” she said. “You don’t want to get sick and you want to make sure you wash your hands and not touch anybody, but at the same time, there’s people you haven’t seen in forever. Especially if you’re a hugger, and sometimes I am, so it might make it a little difficult, at times.”

Reynolds said she has been able to book gigs for the next several months, showing that venues that host live music are also eager to have music filling their locations. 

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