Many years ago, my mother said to me, “Your dad is happiest when all his boys are home.”

Not being a very deep thinker in those days, I did not grasp the significance of her words.

Don’t get me wrong; I enjoyed those times as well. Now that our parents are no longer with us, those times, though few and far between, are always fun.

Modern technology has made communication between family members much easier and more commonplace than back in the “good old days.”

Recently, however, we had a family gathering, the first time in nearly nine years that both our boys and their families could be together. It was short, but very sweet. I look forward to the next time. These next few lines grew out of that family time.

When I was a young man,

Mom once said to me,

“Your dad is happiest when all his boys are home.”

I didn’t understand.

Yes, I enjoyed those times, too;

Laughter and fun prevailed.

But I looked at it through the eyes of youth;

I didn’t understand.

Nieces and nephews came along;

The family grew in number.

When all the boys were home, the house was full.

I didn’t understand.

My wife and I produced two sons,

Raised them as best as we could.

I anticipated the time when they would be grown;

I began to understand.

Now they are grown,

With families of their own.

Getting together times are few and far between;

Now I understand.

John Pryor is a C.E. Donart High School graduate. He can be reached at p29jpryor@

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