EDITOR'S NOTE: An earlier quote about pipelines being replaced was misappropriated and has been removed. 

Construction on phase 2 of the Hospital Area Water Line Replacement Project began in August with a seven-month timeline for completion.

The $1.8 million project involves multiple contractors who are boring under roadways and replacing aging water lines with 8,000 feet of larger diameter pipe in the area south of Stillwater Medical Center. 

The new lines are being run parallel to the old lines, which were much smaller and in bad condition according to an on-site employee for general contractor Danny Wick Excavating. Work is ahead of schedule and could be completed earlier than projected. The old lines will be abandoned in place after the new lines are connected. 

The City of Stillwater says this project will increase reliability and improve water quality to multiple businesses and residential customers, including Stillwater Medical Center.

There will be periodic lane closures as work continues throughout the fall and winter.

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