The recent ice storms have left thousands of people in Payne County without power. Many of those people have been staying in shelters in Cushing, Perkins and Yale.

Thursday was a bright day for those staying in the shelters, as Payne County Red Cross delivered approximately 250 blankets to the shelters. The blankets were provided by Allstate Insurance Co., American Farmers and Ranchers Mutual Insurance Co., and Farmers Insurance Group from around the area.

“Our insurers are doing their jobs by responding quickly to assess property damage and settle claims to help Oklahomans return to the comfort of pre-storm conditions,” said Kim Holland, insurance commissioner. “Their generosity in donating emergency supplies to the hardest-hit areas of our state demonstrates the broader commitment to our communities at large and our citizens individually.”

Red Cross couldn’t be happier to receive the donations.

“We’ve got quite a good collection,” said Jackie Sheperd, with Red Cross. “We are just ever so grateful.”

Enough blankets were not too easy to come by, as the insurance companies ran around town to gather whatever they could.

“We basically cleared the shelves at Wal-Mart,” said Missie Hess, with Allstate Financial Services. “There wasn’t much left.”

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