Now that the budget for fiscal year 2019-2020 has been adopted, the Payne County Budget Board can turn its attention to other administrative matters.

During its meeting Monday, the Budget Board, a body consisting of all elected county officials and department heads that makes budgetary decisions, spent the bulk of the meeting hearing a mid-year update on health insurance and employee benefits from Cary Taylor of Premier Consulting Partners.

The company serves as a liaison on insurance benefits for county employees. Taylor said the county offers employees a benefit package that provides what he considers to be the necessities for insurance coverage, including medical, life, and disability. Taylor advised the budget board members that he is already working on early enrollment for the next calendar year. The board targeted its Sept. 9 meeting to discuss early enrollment for health, life, and disability insurance.

The budget board approved monthly cash appropriations submitted by County Treasurer Carla Manning. According to Manning’s report, $1.774 million had been deposited into 40 different county accounts, other than the county general fund. A monthly alcoholic beverage tax of $25,119.20 was received and disbursed to the towns and cities in Payne County based upon population.

In new business, Chairman Chris Reding asked county officials to determine how many of their employees could benefit from free first aid training. Reding is attempting to schedule the day long training on two consecutive days for county employees. Reding noted that massive trauma training is needed because new treatment techniques have made old training obsolete.

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