A citizens advisory committee has been created to provide input on three major transportation projects in Stillwater. The City Council received 18 applications; enough to appoint everyone and divide them them into subcommittees.

Unlike most city committees or task forces, this one doesn’t require that members live within the city limits. At least some of the applicants appointed Monday live outside but near Stillwater.

They still use the city’s streets and own businesses or have some other vested interest in its transportation system, Mayor Will Joyce said.

The committee members will help with planning a proposed bike corridor along Husband Street, a widening of Sangre Road between 26th and 6th avenues and an Oklahoma Department of Transportation rebuilding of 6th Avenue, which is also State Highway 51.

A staff report submitted to the council said there are common elements shared by the projects that would be best addressed by a uniform committee, but each applicant was also asked to indicate any project preferences. The Husband Street Bicycle Corridor project elicited the strongest response.

6th Avenue

Roger Gose, Infrastructure Committee member, professional engineer with experience in transportation, traffic and construction materials

David Thomas, former city transportation committee member, owner of three parcels of land along 6th Avenue.

Husband Street

D. Scott Petty, owner of three apartment properties and one house on Husband Street, recruited by the Chamber of Commerce Infrastructure Committee.

Forrest Hall, long-time Stillwater resident, bicyclist, concerned that Stillwater has grown beyond the capacity of streets to carry its vehicular traffic, finds few streets safe or appropriate for cycling.

Madeline Fong Goddard, civil engineer with experience in street design, bicyclist who uses bike routes and sidewalks, worried about the safety of cyclists, concerned about possibility of collisions on Sixth Avenue and aware of traffic problems during school pick-up and drop-off.

Victor Osteen, bicyclist, interested in linking the Oklahoma State University campus to downtown, has experience in landscape design and installation.

Tricia Carpenter, owner of a business on Husband Street, interested in quality of life and economic development.

Steven Hallgren, bicyclist, bike commuter for more than 30 years, former OSU faculty member in Natural Resources Ecology and Management, experienced with applying analytical method to solving problems.

Sangre Road

Kevin Mussett, bicycle advocate, involved in the formation of Stillwater’s Bicyclist and Pedestrian Ad Hoc Committee, grandparent of children who attend school on Sangre Road.

No preference

Carl Driskill, bicycle commuter with insight into alternative transportation issues

Chris Peters, former Bicyclist and Pedestrian Ad Hoc Committee volunteer, parent of children who attend Stillwater Public Schools, has been involved in efforts to improve downtown Stillwater and knows the concerns small businesses have and the challenges they face

Jasmine Bigler, commercial realtor, interested in the impact changes in traffic patterns have on business, interested in pedestrian safety and ease of movement through town, experienced in experimental design and compliance monitoring.

Reggie Richardson, general manager of the Best Western Plus hotel on Husband Street.

Mike Buchert, director of Long Range Facilities Planning at Oklahoma State University, civil engineer with transportation project experience, serves on Stillwater Planning Commission

Casey Shell, long-time Stillwater resident, 32 years experience as a chief engineer with ODOT, University Planner at OSU.

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