With snow reported on the way Friday, city of Stillwater crews were prepared for the worst.

A map of the city’s snow and ice control plan is available of the city’s Web page, www.stillwater.org, and arterial streets — those to be cleared first in the event of snow — include Lakeview, McElroy, Western, Hall of Fame, Washington, Airport, Main, Country Club, Sangre, 19th and 12th.

Perkins Road and Sixth Avenue/state Highway 51 are maintained by the state Department of Transportation.

According to David Higgins, operations manager for Stillwater Public Works, sanding and plowing of designated routes will begin when accumulation occurs.

Designated collector streets include Virginia, Husband, Stallard, Third, Ninth, University, Manning and Sunrise.

According to Higgins, crews will move into three, eight-hour snow removal shifts if needed. He said crews will stay in continuous operation as long is there is a need.

The mix of sand and salt destined for city streets also will be different this year. Last winter, the city spread a three-to-one mix of sand and salt; this year three parts salt will be used for one part of sand.

The city has three sanding trucks, one with a plow, and two road graders to scrape city streets. Front-end loaders and box blades will also be used to clear intersections and parking areas if needed.

Higgins said crews will move to additional arterial and residential streets if conditions are favorable.

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