The Payne County Board of County Commissioners’ final meeting of August focused on road projects. Repeated flooding has been taking a toll on county roads since May.

The commissioners opened bids for asphalt overlay projects on the eastern side of Payne County in District 1 that cover 20 miles of paving. Haskell Lemon Construction Co. of Oklahoma City submitted a $3.5 million bid and Elsworth Construction of Tulsa submitted a bid of $3.3 million with a $15,000 bridge tie in fee. The bids were tabled for assessment because they were much higher than expected.

District 1 Commissioner Zach Cavett said that the cost for a two inch asphalt overlay would normally run approximately $100,000 per mile, which would have totaled around $2 million for the projects. The higher bids were based in part upon on the price of asphalt going up to $70 per ton.

District 3 Commissioner Rocky Blasier reported that URETEK, a concrete soil stabilization company, had conducted core studies for the bridge over Stillwater Creek on Country Club Road. URETEK’s study showed that its injections of polymer resin into the base were pushing the subsoil down instead of lifting the bridge, which has settled approximately two inches following the flooding in May.

Blasier said he would have to seek bids for resurfacing the roadway leading to the bridge, since it cannot be raised by URETEK.

The commissioners approved purchasing a large tractor-scraper for District 1 from Warren CAT of Tulsa for $862,452. Charlie Meyer, a salesman with Warren, said the purchase price was discounted 18% under a government contract and was further discounted $14,000 by Warren. The purchase price includes a warranty that includes travel time and mileage in case of repairs. Warren will travel to the site of the scraper to make any necessary repairs at no cost. The commissioners must still decide on how the purchase will be financed.

Blasier said that he and Cavett are “very good about sharing equipment and operators” for things like the scraper. He expects the scraper to also be used on the west side of Payne County in District 3.

The commissioners approved a resolution to contract with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation to resurface and pave Fairgrounds Road for five miles between Highway 51 and 68th Street. Cavett said the project qualified for $500,000 in federal funding because a fatality collision had occurred on the roadway. With $850,000 funded through the County Improvements for Roads and Bridges Fund distributed through ODOT, the total cost of the resurfacing will be $1.35 million.

Payne County is receiving funds through the United States Department of Agriculture Emergency Watershed Protection Program. Blasier and Cavett said District 1 will use those funds to repair a washout on Mehan Road and District 3 will use those funds to repair Bridge No. 143 on 116th Street. The commissioners approved requests by property owners for a one time grading of Katie Lane and East 2nd Street. They also approved road crossings for Plains All American Pipeline and the Lincoln County Rural Water System which provides services in portions of Payne County.

In other business, the commissioners re-appointed Harland Wells as the county’s trustee on the Western Payne County Ambulance Trust Authority and appointed Cavett to the Payne County Board of Health. The Commissioners approved weekly purchase orders of $209,261, blanket purchase orders for September totaling $249,760, and payroll for August in the total amount of $733,530 for county employees.

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