County tax sale for delinquent properties postponed

Payne County Treasurer Carla Manning is delaying the county's annual auction of properties with delinquent property taxes until the fall, due to concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Provided

Due to COVID-19, Payne County is delaying its annual resale auction of properties with delinquent tax balances. The second Monday of June is designated by statute as the auction date.

Properties are auctioned by the county when their owners haven’t paid taxes for four years.

At the moment, 63 properties stand to be auctioned for past due ad valorem taxes.

County Treasurer Carla Manning has been advertising the properties that were set to be auctioned June 8 in the Commissioner’s Conference Room on the second floor of the Payne County Administration Building. But she appeared before the county commissioners Monday to request a postponement.

Manning has concerns about holding the sale on the usual day because of concerns related to COVID-19.

The treasurer said she considered having the sale at the Expo Center to allow more space for social distancing between bidders, but changing the venue still triggers new notice and publication requirements.

Manning is also concerned about the prospect of displacing the people who occupy the 43 residential properties on the resale list. She is strongly encouraging owners to pay their delinquent taxes so the properties can be removed from the resale list.

Manning believes the fall would be a better time to hold the auction because of the pandemic. She plans to evaluate matters in August and possibly schedule the auction then.

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