Mobile home fire

Stillwater crews fight a mobile home fire Monday afternoon on South Jardot. No people were injured in the fire, but some residential pets did not survive.

A man and woman ran down the street toward the ball of smoke and fire that was once their home – soon to mourn the loss of their pets.

Stillwater Fire Captain Zach Lyon told the News Press that the fire department is still investigating as the cause of the fire at the Kingston Mobile Home Park on South Jardot is undetermined as of Monday.

The homeowners said they hoped two of their missing cats escaped to the nearby woods, but with smoke and flames blocking all the exits, two dogs and one cat were confirmed dead. Their bodies were carried out in a shopping cart.

The wails could be heard down the entire street.

The News Press spoke to the neighbor who made the 911 call, and she said the fire department responded as quickly as the flames grew.

“At first, it looked like someone had a fire pit going but a little heavier,” she said. “By the time I made it to the back door ... it was nothing but fire. Within 30 seconds, I could hear the sirens and screaming, and everybody flooded in. I’ve never seen a fire that big, that fast ... it engulfed the house extremely fast.”

Lt. Dusty Harkins, a firefighter on the scene, said the large fire was well-contained, but it took about four hours to be put out completely.

“It was already burnt through the walls, so all we could do was stand outside and put water on it,” Harkins said. “We had plenty of water and plenty of people.”

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