The Payne County Election Board is reminding voters they have until Feb. 2 to request an absentee ballot for the upcoming Feb. 9 municipal and school board election.

Election Board Secretary Dondee Klein said people should remember that a temporary waiver adopted last year due to COVID-19 has expired. Absentee ballots now fall under the usual regulations requiring them to be accompanied by an affidavit signed by a notary public.

Early voting will be held 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Feb. 4 and 5 on the second floor of the Payne County Administration Building, 315 W. 6th Ave.

Polling places will be open across the county 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. on Feb. 9. Payne County races to be decided that day include:

Stillwater City Council Seat 4

Preston Bobo

Christie Hawkins

Riley T. Flack

Ronald Warren McElliot Jr.

Bryce Moody

Ariel J. Ross

Mary S. Tetrick

Stillwater Public Schools Office 1

Camille Frye DeYong

Carle Santelli

Stillwater Public Schools Office 5

Marshall Baker

Jeanette A. Burkhart

Steve Hallgren

City of Cushing Commission Office 1

Lance Larson

B.J. Roberson

Evert Rossiter

City of Cushing Commission Office 2

Lee R. Denney

Stephen R. Orton

City of Yale Commissioner Seat 3

Larry Howard Brown

Brian Porter Jr.

William Bill Rember

City of Yale Commissioner Seat 4

Roy Lee Lozier

Paul Rosenquist

Heather Vogt

Glencoe Public Schools Office 1

Dalton Ross

Colby Torres

Perkins-Tryon Public Schools Office 1

Jessie Johnson

Rick Lomenick

Some positions will be filled without an election after only one candidate filed for those offices. They include:

Cushing Public Schools Office 1

Brina J. Boyle

Oak Grove Public Schools Office 1

Lisa Gomez

Yale Public Schools Office 1

Terry Minney

Ripley Public Schools Office 1

Amanda Oliver

Meridian Technology Center Office 3

Gary Johnson

Updated information about local elections is posted on the Payne County Election Board’s Facebook page.

People can find sample ballots and the answers to questions about the upcoming election, their voter registration and where they should vote on the Oklahoma State Election Board’s OK Voter Portal at They can also call the Payne County Election Board at 405-747-8350.

Twitter: @mcharlesNP

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