Stillwater City Council

The council met Monday for about five hours and:

• Voted unanimously to extend City Manager Dan Galloway’s contract for another year with no changes.

• Received public input on the proposed 2009-10 city budget and asked Galloway to bring a budget resolution based on his presentation back to the council.

• Tabled the final plat and public improvements for the Stonecrest Addition until some of the councilors’ and homeowners’ issues can be resolved. The issue is tabled until the city has the opportunity to work with homeowners and the developer.

• Renewed an existing contract with OnCue Marketing, LLC. This is the final year the city can extend the contract.

• Heard from citizens on issues concerning softball fees, a community center, an office for the mayor, a pay raise for employees and the Stonecrest Addition, more than once prompting councilors to call a point of order.

Councilor Tom Williams was unable to attend the meeting. Councilors will meet again Monday.

Stillwater Utilities Authority

The authority met Monday and:

• Extended a tree trimming contract with Asplundh.

• Passed a resolution amending the water rate structure to increase in phases. Beginning July 1, the average citizen’s increase will be 17 percent. Another increase will take place Jan. 1 in lieu of the 3 percent annual increase.

Trustee Tom Williams was unable to attend the meeting.

Stillwater Planning Commission

The commission will meet at 5:30 p.m. today in the Stillwater Municipal Building, 723 S. Lewis St. Among agenda items are:

• Preliminary planned unit development to construct two one-story duplexes and one two-story duplex at 315 and 317 S. Blair St. This item has been tabled twice before appearing on this week’s agenda.

• A preliminary and final plat for property at 1720 E. Virginia Avenue, which were tabled from May 19. Staff recommends they be tabled again, subject to call.

The meeting will be televised on cable Channel 23. Agendas are available on the city’s Web site,

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