With three appendices removed, the Stillwater City Council approved the Stillwater Transportation Enhancement Plan on Monday.

Prior to a motion on adoption of the document, Mayor Roger McMillian asked the council to not include three appendices that accompany the STEP plan because they contained a tremendous amount of policy that would have been adopted.

The appendices included a financial plan, functional class design standards for roadway sections and policy and performance considerations.

McMillian said the plans done by the city in the past have been considered “one step below a religious document,” and expressed concern throughout the course of the meeting about the recommendations and projects being concrete.

He said adoption should not set all priorities in stone. If upgraded signalization is needed sooner than its long-term listing and funding is available, it should not have to wait.

City Manager Dan Galloway said before council discussion of the transportation enhancement plan that the plan is a guide and adoption is not meant to make it concrete or definitive. Unexpected development could occur and create a new need.

Staff’s report to the council indicated some of the policy recommendations can easily be included in the Land Development Code currently under review.

Both short-term and long-term projects were not changed by the council. McMillian indicated approximately one-third of the short-term projects listed were in progress.

Councilor Tom Williams made the motion to adopt the plan it is a “plan for what we think will be needed.” He said many variables may change the project timelines, including influence from the Oklahoma Department of Transportation and their decisions.

Vice Mayor Ruth Anne Kennedy said the only problem will be if the plan is put on the shelf and not used. Galloway said it must continue to be used as a reference when considering transportation projects.

The Stillwater Transportation Enhancement Plan was approved with all votes in favor.

An executive session for the purposes of confidential communication regarding the purchase or appraisal of real property was withdrawn by City Attorney John Dorman.

The council also approved a street easement from Central Community Action Agency for property at or near 12th Avenue and Hester Street.

Approval was also granted for the mayor to execute a quit claim deed conveying property in Lynn’s Addition to Central Community Action Agency.

The council concluded the meeting by entering executive session for confidential communication regarding pending litigation, Central Rural Electric Cooperative vs. city of Stillwater.

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