Deer Creek athlete Joshua Morris drives to the basket during 3-on-3 basketball at the Special Olympics Oklahoma Summer Games Friday.

Nine-year-old Special Olympics athlete Joshua Morris was easily a foot shorter than some of his defenders as he dribbled up take a shot. Despite being in the long shadow of his opponents, the Edmond student with freckles on his face and blue high-top sneakers let loose a 3-point shot — it missed.

That doesn’t matter to Morris. He still enjoys trying to steal the ball and blocking other shooters.

“You get to have fun and if you don’t win, you still had fun,” he said.

His idea of a great basketball player is someone with power, heart and strength.

If the team wins a trophy, they planned to have a slumber party. Athlete Joshua Kuykendall, 14, planned to celebrate a trophy win with an ice cold Dr Pepper. Cheering on Kuykendall on the sideline was his father, Glen. He said the Special Olympics is truly a special place for his son to come every year.

“It means the world to them, just watch them out there — laughing, grinning, hooraying,” he said. “It’s not just a game he plays, he gets to meet a lot of great people up here.”

Friday marked the third and final day of the Special Olympics Summer Games. This year’s events have attracted more than 4,600 athletes from around the state to compete in golf, bowling, horseshoes, powerlifting, basketball and many others sports.

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