Missy McCollom-Sorrentino volunteers at the Saville Center.

NAME: Missy McCollom-Sorrentino

AGE: 51

VOLUNTEERS: The Saville Center

DAY JOB: McCollom’s Interiors

What she does

McCollom-Sorrentino is the treasurer of the Saville Center and has been on the center’s board for six years.

“I am accountable for their expenses, and I look over the finances,” McCollom-Sorrentino said. “I also attend the board meetings.”

McCollom-Sorrentino said the center has a board meeting, executive board meeting and a prevention task force meeting each once a month.

“My main work would be volunteering at the center for whatever is needed,” McCollom-Sorrentino said.

Why it’s important

McCollom-Sorrentino said life is about relationships and supporting others.

“I think that’s what the world is all about, relationships and taking care of others,” McCollom-Sorrentino said. “Without it, most things don’t survive.”

McCollom-Sorrentino said she grew up helping others. Because of that, she said, children have become her passion, helping them through the Saville Center.

“It’s very rewarding,” McCollom-Sorrentino said. “With any support that anyone could ever give them makes them a better person.”

The Saville Center helps abused children. That’s what McCollom-Sorrentino said made her fall in love with the center.

“It’s something that people don’t like to talk about, but differences can be made in people’s worlds,” McCollom-Sorrentino said. “The Saville Center supports those children.”

How you can help

“We would love to have them on the board,” McCollom-Sorrentino said. “They can see what a great organization it is and what a benefit it is to this community.”

The Saville Center provides protection and prevents some children from being abused. Volunteers are welcome to fill out an application. A criminal background check will be required, but there is no cost to be a volunteer.

“We are doing great things,” McCollom-Sorrentino said. “It is a wonderful experience to be a part of.”


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