Meridian Technology Center Board of Education unanimously approved an increase in funding to this year’s budget and to seek bids for a paint and roof project during Tuesday night’s meeting.

The board approved the addition of $176,353.56 from the state, which Meridian Tech earned through training for industry programs. The money will be put back into training for those programs.

Superintendent Doug Major will begin seeking bids for an annual paint project and repairs to zone C and zone E of the roof. Touch-ups of paint are needed throughout the building, especially in areas where bubbling under the paint is occurring, he said. The roof also has leaks.

“During the paint project we look at any of our exterior services that might end up needing work that if we neglect them now it’s going to cost us a lot more later,” Major said. “It’s really a preventative maintenance-type attitude that we’ve taken. We’ll also do the same with our interior surfaces as well.”

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