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The Payne County Budget Board approved the fifth and sixth disbursements of CARES Act funds Monday. County Clerk Glenna Craig advised the board that Payne County has received $1.445 million from CARES Act funds.

Congress passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act in March of 2020. The Act approved over $2 trillion of economic relief from the COVID-19 virus pandemic. Oklahoma received $1.2 billion of CARES Act funds. The act established a coronavirus relief fund for local governments to obtain reimbursement for necessary expenditures incurred due to COVID-19 from March 1 to Dec. 30.

Kyla McCombs, purchasing agent for the Payne County Clerk’s office, has been submitting expenses for reimbursement through a computer portal approved by a CARES FORWARD team created in May by Gov. Kevin Stitt to provide oversight and maximize the distribution of federal funds to cities and counties.

The first requests for reimbursement dealt with reimbursement for expenditures for cleaning supplies and personal protective equipment. McCombs developed a spread sheet with 17 qualifying categories to submit for reimbursement.

Each county department submitted purchase orders that were coded to relate to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the last requests for reimbursement, Payne County submitted requests for salary reimbursements from the Payne County Sheriff’s office in responding to the pandemic, which was authorized by the CARES Act.

The Payne County Sheriff’s office has received $903,581 from CARES Act funds which includes reimbursements for cleaning supplies, personal protective equipment, and salaries.

In addition, the county contingency fund, a reserve fund to cover expenses from the county general fund, has received $477,557 of CARES Act funds.

Budget Board Chairman Chris Reding, credited Craig and McCombs for their hard work in securing the reimbursement to Payne County of CARES Act funds.

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