Perkins Road acquisitions move forward

This screen shot from a video depicts planned improvements to North Perkins Road. Construction on the $13.2 million project project, which is a partnership between the City of Stillwater and the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, is slated to begin in fiscal year 2021. Provided.

The City of Stillwater has acquired two more pieces of property, along with utility easements and a pedestrian easement needed for the upcoming widening of North Perkins Road from McElroy Road to Lakeview Road.

The City Council approved spending $634,766 for them.

The real estate is located at 611 N. Perkins Road and 2307 N. Perkins Road. The city also bought a 3,641 square foot permanent utility easement and a 1,942 square foot pedestrian easement at 611 N. Perkins Road and a 3,741 square foot permanent utility easement at 1925 N. Perkins Road.

The City of Stillwater and the Oklahoma Department of Transportation entered into an agreement in 2014 to begin planning the project.

Under the agreement, which was revised in 2017, ODOT will pay for all construction associated with the $13.2 million road project.

The City agrees to be responsible for the cost of engineering design work and acquiring right-of-way and easements as well as relocating utilities.

In 2017 its estimated cost was $200,000 for utility relocation and $840,000 for engineering design work and rights-of-way and easements. The City of Stillwater project page at now shows a budget of $3.4 million

In October the City Council approved $387,191 for three tracts of land, five utility easements and eight temporary easements.

In November it approved $610,554 for four tracts of land, and three utility easements.

The money for the City of Stillwater’s portion of the project will be paid from its one-half cent transportation sales tax fund. Construction is scheduled to begin in fiscal year 2021 with completion in fiscal year 2022.

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