The city of Perry is already fielding calls from businesses across the country interested in securing spots in the city after residents voted to fund infrastructure improvements.

On Tuesday, voters approved a proposition to increase hotel and motel taxes to 8 percent to fund an access road that will parallel Interstate 35 and city’s commercial park. Voters also approved a proposition that allows the city manager to remain at her longtime residence that rests just under 10 miles outside city limits.

“I'm never really surprised that Perry always seems to do the right thing for their community,” said Mayor Chuck Hall. He praised voters for recognizing the need and background behind both questions. He said it is encouraging to see that voters share the vision the city has for economic development.

After Vance Chevrolet decided to relocate to the park, other businesses have shown interest but only if an access road would be built, Hall said. The tax would also apply to those who stay at hotels and motels for extended periods of time.

With the oil and gas boom, many oil company employees are filling up hotels and motels for months at a time, allowing them to bypass that as it becomes a residence.

Hall said the tax will generate approximately $75,000 a year and pay off the access road in 10 years. Hall said in the coming weeks engineering plans for the access road will be drawn up and submitted to the city council for consideration.

Three City Council seats were also decided. Timmothy Moxley, Darren Webb and Bill Streller each won a seat. Hall said he is confident in the new councilors and looks forward to working with them.

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