The Stillwater Planning Commission on Tuesday followed City Council approval of Business Improvement and Special Services District No. 1 with approval of the next component of the BID package.

The Planning Commission voted 5-0 to approve a text amendment to the city code to create a special purpose overlay zoning district. Development Services Director Paula Dennison said the district will not be a typical zoning district and not eligible to those with individual lots in Stillwater.

Those who will be eligible for the overlay are areas with an active BID.

“This is just one piece of the package,” Dennison said.

Commission discussion included a time frame for when the zoning would expire. City Attorney John Dorman said that decision has not been made. The BID for downtown is set to run 10 years.

Dennison said regardless of any zoning change, non-conforming uses will continue within the guidelines of the original zoning. Properties that undergo zoning changes with the overlay will see that same if the overlay expires with the BID.

A diverse mix of permitted uses are set for the proposed district including provisions for sidewalk cafes, sale of beverages and transient lodging including hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, group homes and shelters.

Also included are specific development standards including no metal facades, landscaping provisions and new regulations for off premises signs.

The City Council voted to direct staff to proceed with a draft of the special purposes overlay Aug. 6 and the final draft is due Sept. 10.

The commission also voted 5-0 to send a recommendation of approval to the council for an amended preliminary plat set to bring commercial and residential development to West 12th Avenue along Stillwater Creek. The amendment was requested by C Star Construction Services for property at 1519 W. 12th.

The previous preliminary plat for Roaring Creek was approved Nov. 21. Since that time, the name has changed, as has the number of lots. A second phase of development was added and Copper Creek will go from 85 to 73 lots, with six being commercial and 67 residential.

Also announced with the new plat was a redesign of the development to accommodate for a shared street and easement to extend a sewer line to property recently purchased by the Stillwater Medical Center to the east.

Don Williams spoke in favor of the request and said the hospitals purchase of the neighboring land opened opportunities. Right-of-way for the road previously existed along the property line and Williams said it will be expanded to 40 feet on both sides of center and cost for the road will be shared.

He said the hospital has also agreed to grant an easement to allow the development to tie into a sewer line on the hospitals property that will allow for a gravity sewer system.

The hospital property and Copper Creek will share the extension of Blakeley and the west side of the development calls for an extension of Walnut to serve the residential properties.

The six lots along 12th Avenue are zoned CO (commercial office) and will have building fronts facing the interior of the development with parking in the rear and two accesses from 12th. The commercial entrances align with Gray Street and Stanley.

The commission also approved one item of the consent docket. A request for a plat correction by Josh Powers for property in the Norwood Addition was approved 5-0. Approval corrected a scriveners error on two labels depicting the distance of an east-west lot line.

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