Power went out to an area of Stillwater for at least 45 seconds at about 2:15 p.m. Wednesday.

While workers from Stillwater Electric Utility repaired damage from the severe thunderstorm on Monday, a circuit breaker failed, causing power to shut off.

About 700 residential and commercial customers were without power for about 45 seconds to two minutes.

Stillwater Electric Utility Director Jeff Tullis said the outage was limited to those customers who receive power from the hospital substation on Seventh Avenue in the south central portion of the city. The area spanned from Western to Perkins roads south of Sixth and on Western from Virginia south to 12th, he said.

“There is a crew out making repairs from Monday’s storm,” he explained. “There was an equipment failure as they were trying to put back in service. We made the repair on the switch and were it putting back in service and there was another break in service, not storm-related, from wear and tear on equipment.”

He said a switch or circuit breaker opened, and crews had to close another breaker to pick up the load.

“Until we get the system back to normal, there is a risk it could happen again,” said Tullis. “With electrical systems, we have to work on it in the energized state, so you never know if when you lose it, if there are other issues you didn’t identify while doing initial repairs.”

He said he does not anticipate another outage.

Power to the hospital flashed off briefly but no equipment shut down, said spokesman Shyla Eggers. Electrical service was interrupted slightly longer to other customers, including the Payne County Administration Building, said a representative of County Commissioner Gloria Hesser, and the Stillwater NewsPress.

According to a representative of the Payne County Jail, there was no power outage or interruption of electrical service.

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