On Monday afternoon, the Orlando Volunteer Fire Department responded to a grass fire, only to find a burned body.

Logan County Sheriff, Damon Devereaux said the badly burned vehicle with a body insideit was found near the fire.

Initially investigators suspected foul play, but later decided that wasn't the case.

The Minivan was discovered on a rarely traveled road, which made the situation seem suspicious to investigators.

Devereaux said the Dodge Minivan that burned is what they think started the fire.

The catalytic converter which gets extremely hot and holds a lot of heat, has been known to start fires, the sheriff said.

Initially Noble County was contacted about the incident. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation was brought in to assist by the Noble County Sheriff Department.

It was later determined the scene was 50 feet inside the Logan County lines giving the Logan County Sheriff's Department jurisdiction. 

Sheriff Devereaux arrived on scene around 8 p.m., on Monday evening.

Devereaux was concerned about losing evidence if the vehicle was towed so, he decided it was best to leave the vehicle on the scene and have a deputy watch it until morning.

OSBI agents arrived the following morning to investigate.

The identity of the victim is not being released but authorities say they believe they know who it is.

Devereaux said they are waiting on confirmation from the State Fire Marshal and OSBI.

The identity of the victim still needs to be confirmed by the Oklahoma State Medical Examiner's Office.

OSBI has been in contact with the assumed victim's family, Devereaux said.

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