Justin Moe

Justin James Moe was charged in Payne County District Court for stalking in June after violating a protective order placed on him by a woman who lives in Stillwater. 

According to a written affidavit, the woman called police to let them know that she had a PO on Moe out of Moffat County, Colorado. He was not supposed to have any form of contact with the woman, but had called her multiple times on a day in early January. He was calling from a number the woman did not recognize, and would say things such as she was blowing things out of proportion and that he loved her. Later on Jan. 8, he called again and the woman’s friend answered, and Moe said “May all your sins be forgiven, precious,” before the friend hung up on him. The victim then reported this to the Moffat County authorities. 

Moe was arrested on a warrant that had been issued in Colorado and served by the Gilbert, Minnesota, police department. He had his probation revoked for contacting the woman. 

The affidavit reads that on Jan. 14, a Stillwater Police Department officer spoke with the woman, who said she had received nine phone calls between 8 a.m. and 11:15 a.m. that morning.  She had answered one and Moe had been on the other end, and she found out Moe was in the St. Louis County Jail when she talked to him. Officers in Stillwater contacted St. Louis County Jail and officers at the jail were aware of the situation and took steps to prevent it from happening again. 

The woman then received another few phone calls in April, and was concerned because Moe had contacted her from a 405 area code. She told officers that she moved to Oklahoma for the sole purpose of getting away from Moe, and that he wasn’t supposed to know where she lives. She said she was in constant fear for her life, and that Moe kept harassing her starting in Colorado, and she moved to Minnesota and then to Oklahoma, where Moe kept trying to contact her. The woman also received several text messages in May from Moe which contained several vulgar words toward the woman. 

The woman then went back to meet with deputies on May 28 stating she had received a phone call with a Kansas area code and a message asking if she would accept a collect call from Moe. The protective order the woman had on Moe had not been served yet, and police learned that Moe was in custody and being transferred to Payne County Jail. The officer writes he contacted a deputy who had been working with the woman on the case and Moe was under investigation for stalking and that the charge of stalking could be presented to Moe again. 

The woman again went to SPD on June 7, and she told officers she had been to court that morning to finalize the protective order against Moe. The deputy confirmed the protective order and said Moe had been served. The woman said she had received two phone calls from Payne County Jail, and that the only person she knew who was in custody at that time was Moe. She said she had looked through her call history, and had phone calls from the same number on June 2-3. 

The officer writes that he and another officer went to Payne County Jail and spoke to staff about calls made by 

inmates. Using a system that tracks inmate phone calls showed the woman’s residence had received six phone calls in early June. The jail staff was then able to locate video of Moe using the phone at the times the calls were made to the woman’s number. Staff then agreed to block the woman’s number from being called by any number in the Payne County Jail.

The officer writes that they then went to speak with Moe, and Moe would not speak with the officers. As they were leaving, officers told Moe to not contact the woman again and that additional charges were going to be filed for the times he did contact her. 

Moe appeared in court on June 26 and pleaded not guilty, and the matter was set for July 1. Moe appeared on July 1 and requested the matter be set for preliminary hearing on July 24. Stalking carries a punishment of no more than one year in county jail or by fine of not more than $1,000.