Zeb Nichols

Zeb Nichols practices cake decorating for a future career in culinary arts.

Zeb Nichols isn’t afraid to take the lead on anything in FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America). His most recent achievement is being elected First Vice President for State FCCLA. 

“When I first found out I was going to be the state FCCLA Vice President, I jumped out of my seat! When I found out, everyone was super excited for me, and I was so happy! As soon as I found out, I told my mom and called my grandparents. I was so extremely happy I started crying,” he said.

Heidi Alley, Morrison’s FCCLA Advisor, details Nichols’ achievements: “Zeb makes my job as an advisor easy.  He has an amazing story of what FCCLA has done for his confidence and abilities. When he tells his story, you can just see how much it means to him.”

Alley adds, “I know Zeb will use his FCCLA experiences to help our chapter grow. He will make the Morrison community proud.  I am extremely excited to see what Zeb does during his next few years in FCCLA and feel honored to be a small part of his journey.”

In ninth grade Zeb was chosen Chapter Vice President of Public Relations.  He also placed first in Regional STAR (Students Taking Action with Recognition) Event “Interpersonal Communication” and qualified for State. He placed third in State, and undertook numerous volunteering projects.

In 10th grade, Zeb was elected to service at the N4 District President for the 2019-20 School Year. He was designated Morrison Chapter President. He placed first in Regional STAR Event ”Interpersonal Communication” and qualified for State. He again volunteered for numerous projects. Finally, he was elected to serve on the State’s FCCLA Executive Council as the First Vice President.

Nichols also helped set up Morrison’s first-ever Christmas tree and Christmas parade.  He credits those that helped him: “My teachers have always been there to help me with anything. From helping me with assignments after school to calling me to help. They have also looked over any resumes I had before I submitted them.”

As First Vice President, Nichols will speak with several different chapters in Oklahoma and attend the District meeting. He will mainly help the President with anything they might need help with. That may include planning events and seeking dates, or helping the other officers with their tasks. 

“I have learned that being yourself with everything you do will help you succeed with what you are trying to accomplish,” Nichols says. “If you are trying to be someone you’re not, then you might not get the results you so highly hope for. One thing that I have also learned in FCCLA and will never forget is that we are family. We work together and look out for each other.” 

Nichols’ goal as a State Vice President is to have more kids participate in activities through FCCLA and to meet new people. 

Nichols advises: “’Become the leader you looked up to as a child.’ I often say this to myself. I always want to be as great as all the amazing leaders I looked up to as a child.” 

Nichols plans to attend Oklahoma State University to obtain a business degree. He then plans to travel to New York City to attend the Culinary Institute of America (CIA), ranked number one in America for culinary arts. 

After getting more experience at CIA he plans on opening his own bakery. 

With his track record in FCCLA, Nichols will undoubtedly go far in his career!

Amy Keith lives near and writes about the town of Morrison.

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