MORRISON — Last week when the Morrison Wildcats were getting ready to play unbeaten and untested Christian Heritage, MHS coach Cory Bales tossed a heaping amount of the responsibility on assistants Paul Grant and Scott McGehee.

“I told them we weren’t going to run a bunch of trick plays,” Bales said. “I said we were going to have to win this game with the guys up front.

“Look what happened, Paul and Scott did a heckuva job getting our front-fives ready for Christian Heritage.”

The Wildcats stunned everyone — mostly Christian Heritage — with a 50-6 slam-dunk victory.

Grant, who handles the defensive line of Ethan Masters, Will Childress, Joey Quinata and linebackers Josh Day and Dustin Sloan, said, “This year everyone has had to be certain about his assignment and they’ve improved a lot along this line.

“Last year Lance (Barrick) would tell each of them what they were supposed to do. Lance was just that smart”

Grant pointed to Masters, who was assigned to play the inside technique against the Crusaders, “It might have been Ethan’s best game this year. He kept the inside clogged up and left the outside responsibility to the linebackers.”

How well did it work? Five times in their first eight possessions the Crusaders were forced to three-and-out.

Masters added, “We really haven’t run into anyone that has physically dominated us this year but we’ll always be ‘up’ for the important games.”

With a brief chuckle, Grant said, “Ethan’s always questioning the things we tell him to do but he has a great sense of humor and most of that stuff just rolls off his back.”

McGehee’s offensive line of Masters, Dusty McClure, Hayden Garringer, Josh Day and Dustin Sloan, along with Childress at blocking back had a feast against the Crusaders.

Childress popped the fullback-trap play loose for a 98-yard touchdown run and then MHS promptly had three scoring marches of nine plays for 57 yards, 11 for 95 and four for 41 and MHS was up at the half, 32-0.

“When we lost Adam (Clyburn) and Jesse (Jim) from last year’s team and nobody gave us much of a chance this year,” McGehee said. “It’s obvious how much they have improved and they know what games to get up for.

“If Childress was 6-2 instead of 5-8 he could play at the next level. I’d say he’s probably the toughest kid on our team.”

Even though he had scorings romps of 98, nine and 12 yards, Childress chips in, “I like to play defense the best because it usually sets the tone of the game. Offense is a little more complicated, too.”

Masters opts for the defense, too, and added, “I like defense best. We owed those guys (Christian Heritage) something from last year.”

Both players negated the concern the Wildcat regulars hadn’t logged enough playing time in four easy wins with their performance against the Crusaders.

Masters said he tired in the game at Gans, “It was 90 degrees and 90 percent humidity but when you win the fatigue factor doesn’t get your attention.”

Childress grins about his 98 yard run, saying, “Yeah, I was tired after that but it didn’t last long. I knew the guys on the team would get after me after that.”

With homecoming and Keifer (4-1) invading Morrison this weekend is their a danger the Wildcats could overlook the Trojans?

Almost in unison, Masters and Childress said, “Coach always tells us ‘don’t play down to your opponents level.’ There’s no way that’ll happen”

Then Childress adds, “This is a district game and at this time of the year we can’t afford to get a hickey in district play.”

So far, all of the strategy has worked and if everything is equal, which it usually isn’t, the ’Cats are mean on their home field.

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