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Memorial Day is coming just as things are starting to open up again in Oklahoma. 

The Oklahoma Highway Safety Office is urging people to still use safety measures while continuing to celebrate.

“If you're headed to the lake, river, or down the road to celebrate the long weekend, make sure you pack a plan to get home safe,” the press release said.

During the Memorial Day Holiday in 2019, two people were killed in car crashes. One being alcohol induced.

The press release said that number is down from the same time in 2018, but they were still preventable.

“If you're headed to the lake or river, make sure you have all the supplies you'll need before you make camp,” the media release said.

Having all the supplies on hand will prevent any trips to the store after festivities and drinking have already begun.

"We will have troopers on the roads, in the water, and in the air making sure people are being safe this holiday weekend," said Oklahoma Highway Patrol Lieutenant Chris Arnall. "We want to make sure everyone enjoys the time with friends and family, but we want them all to make it home safe."

OHSO and Oklahoma Highway Patrol will continue to be actively looking for impaired drivers.

Not only are they urging safety on the roads, but on the water as well.

“We urge everyone to consider safety on the water as well as on the roads," said Troop W Captain, Mike Sharp. "Have a life jacket on board your vessel for each passenger, children 12 years old or younger must wear a life jacket if they are on a vessel that is less than 26 feet in length."

Never operate a boat under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

OHP’s Marine Enforcement Division, Troop W, will have troopers working on area lakes and available if needed.

"We understand everyone wants to have a good time. We just ask that you follow certain rules and use common sense to avoid a tragedy that could have been prevented,” said Captain Sharp in the press release.

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