A man from Kansas, Oklahoma, is facing six charges in Payne County District Court after he led sheriff's deputies on a high-speed chase and reportedly drove toward patrol vehicles, hitting them with his Dodge Challenger on Nov. 16.

Colbe Lee Pack, 29, is being held on $4,000 bond in Payne County Jail and is scheduled to appear with legal counsel Dec. 18. Pack was charged with attempting to elude, two counts of running a roadblock, two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon and possession of a controlled drug and faces up to 10 years in prison on each assault charge if convicted.

Pack led deputies with the Payne County Sheriff's Office on the chase before 10 a.m. Nov. 16 after two deputies were dispatched to Bridgeport Apartments in west Stillwater seeking another person who had a felony arrest warrant in Payne County, according to the affidavit. The manager of the complex called dispatch and said the suspect was driving a red Dodge Charger, which had gone across the street to Walmart at 4545 W. 6th Ave. Deputies left the area only to receive another call from management the Charger had returned, and one deputy advised the vehicle was a red Challenger.

The affidavit reads Pack and a passenger were seated in front of an apartment and told deputies they had dropped the suspect off at a U-Haul dealership nearby and went to Walmart on their own. One deputy got Pack and the passenger's information to run through dispatch, while another deputy began to leave the complex to search for the original suspect.

"I only got a few hundred feed down the road when our dispatch told Deputy Henninger that Colbe had a suspended license and a felony warrant out of Delaware County and he was entered in the National Crime Information Center as a wanted person," Deputy Brandon Myers writes in the affidavit. Myers turned around to assist Henninger in the arrest, when he noticed Pack start the car, "revving the motor up" and put the car in drive, jump a curb "at a high rate of speed through the yard of the apartments and between a metal fence."

The two PCSO patrol units began the pursuit, going west on Sixth Avenue to Country Club Road and pursuing the Challenger south to 80th Street. Pack reportedly hit speeds in excess of 85 mph between Sixth and 19th avenues, and "went through the stop sign at 44th (Ave.) and Country Club at over 105 mph." The pursuit went east at 80th Street toward Western Road, where PCSO deputies had set up a road block with two patrol vehicles – but Pack reportedly went through the intersection without hesitation and continued east toward Washington Street.

An unmarked Stillwater Police unit, housing two detectives and a K-9 unit, sat with its emergency lights activated and one detective reporedly deployed stop sticks. "The suspect hit his brakes and then turned toward his (SPD detective) patrol car, even making eye contact with him, striking his patrol car," the affidavit alleges. The Challenger's collision with the parked vehicle caused both detectives to jump out of the way, sending the SPD unit toward one of the detectives after it was hit, and the Challenger came to a rest more than 100 yards east of the collision.

Pack was apprehended after reportedly leaving his car and passenger behind, running north on foot before a PCSO deputy tackled him and placed him into custody.