Oklahoma State University Police Officer Leah Storm used one of her hobbies to help raise money through open wheeling, an off-road sport of rock crawling involving a variety of vehicles with the primary goal of having fun.

In January 2019, Storm said an open wheeling friend had a stroke, which prompted a fundraiser that took place at Cedar Canyon Ranch, a piece of farming property owned by the Dvorak family. Storm said the Dvorak family and some of their friends and family would use their property for the rock crawling sport.

“By February 2019, we were hosting a wheeling fundraiser for the family with great success. This was the first time the Dvorak family opened the property to the public to share the hidden gem we had all grown to love,” she said.

This led to those in attendance wondering when Cedar Canyon Ranch had opened and when they could come back.

The second fundraiser came after the group found out in December another wheeler was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

“We knew we needed to host another benefit. We also found out that a fellow wheeler’s dad had also lost part of his leg due to a prior motorcycle accident,” Storm said. “So it was time to double up on the event for March 2021.”

Storm said once again the fundraiser was a success and more people asked when this would be open to the public.

Cedar Canyon Ranch is the perfect location for families to come and participate in the open wheeling sport, she said.

With the success of the fundraisers and recognition from World Extreme Rock Crawling owners and hosts, the property is in the process of converting to an off-road vehicle park with camping.

“The property naturally offers large boulders, off camber angles, and a variety of obstacles that can challenge any experienced driver for competition or simply testing their rig and driving capabilities in a controlled environment,” she said.

Storm said this sport is kid friendly and the whole family can take part.

“This activity is the best of all worlds, but ultimately is a family sport. It starts with learning or fine tuning your mechanical abilities in building your vehicle to the specs and type of wheeling you want to do,” she said. “It can incorporate the entire family with the experience or by watching the other wheelers. It also can be a group type sport as frequently we plan events on the property or to other ORV Parks.” 

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