SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus

SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus

The numbers being reported by the Oklahoma State Department of Health have become somewhat inconsistent of late after changes were made to the organization’s online reporting platform.

There was an additional death reported for Stillwater on Wednesday despite the reported total of cases not changing for the past several days. Stillwater has now recorded 27 deaths due to COVID-19, but the OSDH has also made a distinction between confirmed deaths and provisional deaths released by the CDC.

The OSDH website published a news release saying a number of changes to the dashboard had been made this week, which are intended to better represent the state’s COVID-19 numbers to the public, according to the statement.

Stillwater's number of total cases has been adjusted since 7 a.m. Monday, reported then at 6,070. The number of recoveries has been adjusted, which was reported at 5,911 Monday and 5,922 on Thursday. 

“After a year of reporting daily numbers in many categories, with cases, deaths and hospitalizations all trending downward, and vaccination continuing to trend upward, we believe now is a good time to switch to weekly reporting. Data transparency has been and will continue to be important to OSDH, no matter the cadence of reporting,” Joli Stone, deputy state epidemiologist said in the statement.

The online dashboard will now be updated on Wednesdays and will include the following changes:

• Immunization data: The report of total vaccines administered now lines up with what the Centers for Disease Control has published, which includes doses administered federally. This means the total number shown will be larger than the prime and boost doses combined, which only reflects the state administered doses.

• CDC data: Cases from the CDC’s COVID tracker and seven-day case average totals have been included to the dashboard.

The OSDH’s case investigation data will now be updated weekly rather than daily.

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