Bus stop

An empty bus stop, Wednesday afternoon, in Stillwater. OSU Transit has canceled its bus services, which includes the service that operates in Stillwater. 

OSU Community Transit will resume operations July 7, according to a university release.

The transit system that provides bus rides to OSU students and employees, as well as the wider community, will be operating on a “Reduced summer schedule,” meaning not all the routes that are provided during the school year will be available, but the summer routes will be in transition.

Although there will be no charge for fixed routes, that excludes The Ramp (paratransit service) and The BOB (Shuttle service to OSU-Tulsa).

All routes and normal bus operations will return Aug 17, which is the expected first day of classes for the university.

Due to COVID-19, bus operations were suspended March 19. With the bus routes reopening there are new guidelines to keep employees and passengers from spreading the virus. These guidelines include: wearing a mask when riding the bus, entering and exiting the bus at the rear door, and not riding if you have any symptoms.

The driver's area will be off limits to passengers.

OSU Community Transit will provide hand sanitizer in every running bus. The department is taking precautions by enduring daily cleaning of high-touch surfaces. The department has also required Envio-Mist for deep and sanitizing during regular schedules.

For more information visit transit.okstate.edu

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