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Oklahoma State University has informed faculty, staff and students on the university payroll that they will have more time to comply with a federal mandate to be vaccinated against COVID-19. The requirement applies to OSU due to the university’s federal contract status. The university will stay in line with the Biden administration’s decision to move the deadline from Dec. 8 to Jan. 4, 2022, university officials announced.

An email to faculty and staff also stated the university will be in lockstep with new mandates change in defining what “fully vaccinated” means.

“Previously, to be in compliance, employees needed to have the required shots before the deadline plus complete the two-week period required for development of immunity,” the email read. “Now to be considered fully vaccinated, employees must receive the necessary shots only – two for Pfizer and Moderna or one for Johnson & Johnson – and upload their vaccination card by Jan. 4. COVID-19 vaccines approved by the World Health Organization will also satisfy the vaccine requirement.”

The email included an FAQ section addressing some questions the university had received from employees. Employees with any additional questions were asked to email the university.

The top question included regarded plans for “alternative or additional safety protocols” required by OSU or mentioned in the religious exemption form.

“At this time, the university does not anticipate implementing additional safety protocols based upon a person’s vaccination status,” the email said. “However, throughout the pandemic, circumstances have changed quite rapidly. This language was designed to account for possible issues that may arise in the future.”

The email also addressed the latest information pertaining to booster shots for those who are already vaccinated.

Per the email, the university will not require employees to receive a booster shot in order to be in compliance.

“The mandate only applies to the full two-shot series of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines, or a one-shot series of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine,” the email said.

The university also addressed in the FAQ whether OSU will "pay for medical care" for those being mandated to get vaccinated if they were to have an adverse reaction to the vaccine.

“Although it is rare for an individual to have an adverse reaction to the vaccine, we understand there are concerns regarding the care and costs should this occur," the email read. “As with any employment requirement, should you have an adverse reaction requiring medical care, it may be compensable under workers’ compensation.”

Further responses to questions presented to the university can be found on its coronavirus landing page at okstate.edu under "vaccination mandate FAQ."

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