Burns Hargis

Burns Hargis has led Oklahoma State University as president since 2008. He is the university's 18th president.

A group taking up the moniker “The Four Percent” has demanded changes on the Oklahoma State University campus. In response to the latest racially charged incident, one that saw an OSU student, use the N-word in a social media post, the group created a list of demands.

The group asked for a statement from the President’s Office, Institutional Diversity, Office of Multicultural Affairs and African-American Student Association that would “detail plans to enhance race relations.”

Among the demands printed in a letter to the editor in the O’Colly, the group asked for a “detailed outline of events/budgets/financial plans, programs, initiatives, meeting minutes, meeting dates, etc… held or planning to be held to improve the current state of diversity on campus.”

The Four Percent asked for diversity training for all students, an amendment to the student code that would make “racially insensitive and/or racist rhetoric and behavior made public knowledge” a punishable action. The group also requested more faculty be “people of color.”

In response, OSU President Burns Hargis released the following statement:

"We understand The Four Percent group's concerns and appreciate its input. We also want to create the best university possible. Through our vice president of diversity division and a host of other programs and efforts, OSU has made significant strides in being more diverse and inclusive. We have received numerous national awards for our extensive work. But there is still more to do,” he wrote.

"We will review the ideas presented by the students as we continue to look for ways to improve. We remain committed to working with all Oklahoma State students to create a culture and environment that are welcoming to all and a model for others."

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