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An Oklahoma State University Speech Communications professor was charged with two counts of soliciting sexual conduct or communication with minors by use of technology.

David C. Schrader, 65, of Stillwater, was arrested May 11 after an investigation in Pawnee County. 

Pawnee County Deputy Jimmie Meeks conducted an investigation related to adult suspects attempting to contact minor victims for sexual purposes.

The probable cause affidavit said Meeks has been operating a profile on the dating application Grindr. The deputy said he was contacted by Schrader using the profile name “Mr. D.”

“Mr. D. stated he was horny and asked if he could host a meet up,” the court document said.

The deputy responded to Schrader saying he couldn’t leave until his mom left for work.

Schrader asked the deputy posing as a minor where he lived. He said Jennings.

“Mr. D then offered to host me at his office on campus at Oklahoma State University where it is, ‘very quiet and private.’ I then informed Mr. D that I was 17 years old,” Meeks wrote.

Schrader allegedly said “that’s legal” and then allegedly described the sexual conduct he wanted to perform.

The affidavit said Schrader asked again if the two of them could meet in Stillwater, and said he would need to be in Stillwater by 3 p.m.

The deputy told Schrader he would be able to make it and told Schrader his name. Schrader identified himself as Dave.

Schrader sent his office address at 626 Morrill Avenue and provided a GPS pin location.

Meeks asked for a phone number for Schrader in case Grindr wasn’t working. Schrader provided a phone number and asked the deputy to tell him when he arrived.

At 2:26 p.m., he texted Schrader asking if he should tell him when he is close. Schrader responded with, “yes, where are you now?” The deputy responded saying he was about 10 minutes away.

The deputy met with OSU officers, Daniel Ray and Christopher Royston, who were able to associate a name with the phone number provided by Schrader.

The affidavit said Ray further advised Schrader was a psychology professor working for OSU.

"Oklahoma State University is aware of charges filed in Pawnee County against a university employee," OSUPD Public Information Officer Shannon Rigsby told the News Press. "Since this is a personnel matter and an ongoing investigation, we cannot provide additional information. The university is cooperating with local law enforcement while they look into the allegations.”

Schrader allegedly texted for the deputy to park on Morrill Avenue. He followed the text with another GPS location pin.

Pawnee Deputies Micah Haga and Chad Colclazier, OSU police and Meeks entered the east door of the building at 626 Morrill Ave. and walked to the west entrance.

“I observed a white male sitting alone on a couch by the southwest door using a cellphone and approached him,” Meeks wrote. Meeks then asked if the man was David Schrader. He replied with yes.

Meeks identified himself and asked Schrader to put the phone down.

According to the court document, Meeks told Schrader he knew he had been contacting two minors through Grindr, and had made plans to meet both for sexual encounters.

The affidavit said Schrader agreed with the statements. It also said he gave consent to having his cellphone searched.

“I asked Schrader if he had been speaking with a person named John, who was 16-years-old, on Grindr this last week and Schrader stated ‘yes’. Schrader stated he did not make any specific plans to meet John and couldn’t remember if he had suggested any sexual conduct between them,” the affidavit said.

Meeks then questioned Schrader about Casey and asked if he had requested a sexual encounter. He replied, “that probably came up,” the affidavit said.

The interview was completed and Royston said he would forward a copy to his office.

The affidavit said the door to Schrader’s office was open. Meeks reported seeing two condoms and a bottle of lubricant on his desk. He also said he observed a tan towel laid out on the couch. Photographs were taken of the office.

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