An Oklahoma State University student sits by himself on the campus of OSU as the university declared it was shutting down the campus in March. 

Oklahoma State University’s department of Housing and Residential Life released a list on plans and precautions for when students return to school, including creating student quarantine facilities, which would be a room dedicated to isolating COVID-19 positive students.

The department said it has increased the frequency of daily cleaning for residence halls, which will include:

• Community bathrooms will be cleaned two times per day, Monday through Friday

• Community bathrooms will be cleaned once on Saturday and Sunday

• Touch Points (e.g., door handles): will be cleaned three times per day

• Public Bathrooms: will be cleaned once per day, Monday – Sunday

• Housing and Residential Life also purchased six Synexis Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor Machines made by Blackmon Moring, a disaster recovery company. This vapor machine uses a proprietary • cleaning agent called Shockwave. All of the individual and communal spaces will be disinfected before students will move in for the fall semester.

Other plans and precautions include:

• Everyone who lives in the residence halls or Family and Graduate Student Housing to be tested for COVID-19 prior to checking into their assigned living space. Further information about testing and procedures will be sent to every resident’s okstate.edu email address prior to their assigned move-in day.

• Providing face coverings for all professional and student staff.

• Sneeze guards/plexiglass will be placed at all front desks in residence halls and front desk stations in all housing offices (Iba, Brumley, Family Resource Center, and Bennett Hall)

• Providing hand sanitizer bottles for all students at move-in.

• HRL will not provide carts, hand trucks, and Cowboy Carriers during move-in this fall. HRL will encourage parents and students to bring their own masks, carts and hand trucks via summer email notification.

• Couches in community lounges will be removed. Basketball and volleyball courts will not be available, and “no large gathering” signage will be placed at pool and ping pong tables. We will also not be checking out pool or ping pong equipment, but residents can use their own.

• The number of chairs available in lounges will be decreased and social distancing emphasized through appropriate signage, social media posts, departmental website updates and email notifications.

• Interactions facilitated by departmental staff will be done with less than 10 people. Community Mentors and other residential community staff will be prepared to interact with residents through a virtual format.

• A priority will be placed on virtual programming when trying to include large groups of students. HRL will offer some face-to-face interactions for groups 10 and under.

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