The less invasive swab for COVID-19 tests must have some appeal for people in Payne County.

Due to what Oklahoma State officials are calling an “overwhelming response,” the swab pod testing on Oklahoma State campus that was originally going to open to the public is now being limited to OSU students, OSU employees and their dependents.

The swab pod is an OSU creation that is offering free testing to those mentioned above by using a cotton oral swab rather than the deep nasal swab. Tests must be scheduled by appointment by calling 405-744-7665 or by going through the patient portal at the University Health Services site at Testing will begin July 13 at 1202 W. Farm Rd.

The call needs to be made by 5 p.m. the day before they want the test scheduled, “making sure to note they are requesting testing on the Stillwater campus.” Patients need to bring their OSU-Stillwater ID to the testing site.

“Payne County Health Department is working closely with OSU to serve Stillwater community members who do not fit the criteria for appointments,” a statement from Human Resources reads.

The Health Department offers testing by appointment by calling 405-372-8200.

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